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Baška Voda

Baška Voda is located beneath mountain Biokovo. It is famous for its pebble beaches surrounded by pine trees.
According to the archeological findings, this area was inhabited 4000 years BC and the reason of inhabitation of the area has been the spring of drinking water.
Baška Voda was a small village which thrived on agriculture and fishing, today a well known tourist destination on the Makarska Riviera.
Sport lovers can enjoy football, tennis, basketball, bowling, beach volleyball, while adventurists can go on parasailing, mountaing biking, hiking, free climbing, windsurfing, water skiing, diving and other activities.
During summer, countless festivities are organized in Baška Voda, such as Dalmatian folklore songs, fisherman nights and different concerts.
Those who want to have fun at late hours of the day can visit one of many nightclubs on the beach or numerous dance balconies.
Baška Voda is full of possibilities, as you can go on one-day trips.
Go and visit nature park Biokovo (15km) , marvelous view of Cetina canyon (25km) , Blue and Red Lake (30km) as well.


The St Nicholas the Traveler statue was made in 1998. St Nicholas is the patron saint of Baška Voda, the statue depicts St Nicholas with his hand raised, blessing all of those who travel.
The anchor in the town centre was made in 1997 and serves as reminder of the once great naval tradition of the town.


The Malacological Museum gives tourists an impressive collection of shells from the water of the Adriatic as well as from all around the world.
Meanwhile, the Archaeological Museum contains artefacts over the centuries, including items from as back as the 7th century.


Baška Voda is home to a number of beautiful churches. They include the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary from 1636,
St Rocco Chapel from the 15th century and St Nicholas Church from 1889. And there is also new made church, Church of All Saints made 1999.

Be sure to visit:


Split is located 80km from Baška Voda.
It is one the best known and visited tourist destinations in Croatia. City is rich in historical monumentums which are:
Diocletian’s palace, the statue of bishop Gregory of Nin, Iron Gate, the main court, the cathedral of St. Duje and many others.
Town is full of nightlife possibilities from romantic walks on Riva, to rich options of nightclubs.


Makarska is located 10km from Baška voda.
Makarska is well known for its rich and colourful tourism offer.
The town is sharply seperated from the interior by the mountain Biokovo (the highest peak of St.George, 1762m) , and it is connected with the central Dalmatian islands of Brač and Hvar by the Adriatic Sea, which modelled some of the most beautiful beaches.

Brač & Hvar

Brač & Hvar are two most beautiful islands Adriatic Sea can offer.
Rich with historical monumentums and one of the best beaches in Croatia.
Everyone can find something for themselves.
Be sure to get a ferry from Makarska to Brač or headup to Drvenik(18km) from Makarska to get a ferry to Hvar.

Beach Ikovac

Ikovac Beach is located 500m from the city center. It is accessible by car and on foot and there is paid parking nearby. The Beach Ikovac is 200m stretching and street leading all the way to Brela. Ikovac is surounded by pine trees that makes perfect shade for hot summer.
Along the shore, just a few minutes of the beach, there is a children’s playground.

Podluka Beach

Podluka Beach is located near the center of Baška Voda. The beach is perfect for families with children because of clear sea, nearby children’s playground.
Children will be thrilled by nearby pedal boats and trampoline. Also it is possible to rent a jet ski.
There are several cafes and restaurants along the beach.

Beach Nikolina

In the very center of Baška Voda lies beautiful beach Nikolina. It is proud owner of the Blue Flag as a symbol of the cleanest sea. The beach was named after the patron saint of Baška Voda, saint Nicholas, whose statue is located near the beach. Beach Nikola is also winner of Blue Flower, reward for most beautiful beach on the Adriatic Sea.
Lounge on comfortable deck chairs while surrounded by pine trees.

Nature Park Biokovo

Nature Park Biokovo is the most dominating presence on the southern Dalmatian coast. Proclaimed a nature park in 1981., this mountain goes 1500 meters over the Makarska Riviera and offers exceptional views over the sea and nearby islands. 
Apart from fresh air and the atmosphere of unsullied nature, Biokovo has beautiful hiking and cycling trails, pleasant resting places and interesting historical remains dating from the times when many shepherds roamed this terrain.
The highest point of the mountain is Sveti Jure (1762 meters).

Skywalk Biokovo is a glass-floored construction of a horseshoe-shaped viewing deck on a mountain ridge, with panoramic sea view.
The construction of the Skywalk is a unique example of attractiveness of natural location.
It is located in the southwestern part of the Biokovo Nature Park at an altitude of 1228 meters above the sea level.
Extension of the existing lookout whereas the additional construction implies the horseshoe-shaped platform that provides 11m beyond the cliff.

Kotišina Botanical Garden  is located on the coastel slopes of Biokovo Mountain above the village of Kotiština. It is integral part of Biokovo Nature Park.
It is not botanical garden in classical sense, where every plant is introduced according to specific rules, but rather conceived as a “fenced part of nature” where natural forms of vegetations with self-fertilized flora are to be retained.
In the Garden, there are about 300 wild plants , from typical Mediterranean to mountainous , and in some areas exotic, agricultural and medicinal plants were planted.
In the village of Kotišina, near the entrance to the Garden, by the cliff, the walls of the Grand Castle stand – a 17th century fortification building which impresses with its appearance.


Makarska is a famous tourist location. It is well known for its 2 kilometers long sandy beach, a beautiful promenade in the city centre lined with palm trees.
Makarska is a part of the Croatian coastline called the Makarska Riviera which is about 60 kilometers long and is located under the mountain Biokovo.
Makarska is a small city that provides all types of fun both for children and adults. Besides its beautiful beaches visitors can enjoy the rich Mediterranean vegetation and natural beauties.
For those who want to learn history, the best way to start is by visiting the Fransiscan monastery which is over 500 years old. There are also the church of St. Mark or the church of St. Philip as well as several other museums and monuments.
As night goes on, the city becomes more alive and offers rich choise of nightclubs for those who do not want the day to be over just yet.
Many cafes, restaurants, clubs fill up and play all types of music.
Get adventurous and catch a ferry to Brač from Makarska or headup to Drvenik(18km) from Makarska and get a ferry to Hvar.